Melbourne CBD and Yarra River

What Travel Information do You Need for Australia?

Melbourne CBD and Yarra River

Melbourne, one of the many capital cities in Australia.

When visiting any country, the best thing to do is read up all about the customs and culture of that country and Australia is no exception. Australia’s international reputation is undeniably one of distinction and the inhabitants of Australia are known as diligent and gracious to any visitor to their country, provided you respect the rules.
Going to Australia, you must have respect for the land and the people.

The History of Australia goes back well before the British settled Sydney. The indigenous people, collectively known as Aboriginals, who have inhabited Australia for thousands of years, have ancient traditions and customs that show they respect Australia’s land. These people have seen many changes to Australia over the years since the Europeans settled there in the 18th century. They’ve seen the cities thrive with advancements in technology and many immigrants, particularly from the United Kingdom and Malaysia, make Australia their home. Australia gets a bad reputation as a sparsely populated cultural wasteland, these are from people who’ve never been there and think Australia is only about Fosters Lager, Kangaroos, Koala Bears, soap operas about Neighbours and Summer Bay and Crocodile Dundee. They’re totally wrong as anyone who’s actually made the trip down under will tell you. Australia is so much more than what it exports in the way of entertainment. Australia is an experience that can be had nowhere else.

To get to Australia you’ll have to fly. There’s no way around it, people with aerophobia who live in Europe or North America and wish to visit Australia will have to get on a plane. The flight from London is around 22 hours non-stop, you could take a cruise but that will be even longer. Australia is visited by more than 500,000 foreign nationals a year, to enter Australia, you must have first obtained a visitor visa, this is the same program as the Visa Waiver Program in the United States. You can apply for one online and if you have no criminal record and are in one of the thirty eligible countries, you will get one with no problems. They’re good for 90 days of residence in Australia, are multiple entry which means you can enter as many times as you like but it is only valid for one year on your passport. If you plan on staying more than 90 days, then you will have to seek out another visa. If you plan on immigrating to Australia, you must contact your local Australian consulate or embassy for more information on how to apply for a resident visa.

Australia’s culture is one of diversity, from Sydney’s famous meat pies to trekking through the Outback, there’s plenty to soak up when you come for a visit. Sport is a huge obsession to Australians and when foreigners travel to a major Australian city such as Melbourne or Sydney, this is apparent in their love of football. The word football is used to describe four kinds of Football in Australia, There’s Rugby league and Australian rules, which is similar to rugby but has a variety of different rules. Traditional or European football is known as Soccer in Australia, much like it is in the USA. The term ‘Footy’ is usually used to describe Australian rules football and visitors, especially those from the United Kingdom can get pretty confused by this, as Footy means Soccer to them. Other sports enjoyed in Australia are Cricket and Swimming. Australia has beaten England at its own game many times and with so much water surrounding the continent, it is easy to see why Australians are good swimmers. Another thing Australia is little known for is its cuisine. It’s not always shrimps on the Barbie down under, Australia has created some unique dishes and some variants on classics, there’s also a lot of influence from other cultures cuisines. So what are you waiting for? Pack a suitcase or two and book your flight to Australia now. You won’t regret it.

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