What do You Get When Booking a Serviced Apartment in Sydney

Ultimo serviced apartment living room

Serviced apartments in Sydney are becoming more and more popular. When they are fitted out like this, no wonder.

As the summer approaches it’s probably fair to say the time of the hotel dominating the accommodation market is coming to an end. These days, travelers prefer to book something that’s a little more to their taste and that is where a serviced apartment comes in. Sydney, Australia is leading the world in this type of accommodation and there are various apartments and homes ranging from a small one bedroom affair in the Downtown Sydney area to a spacious house with up to four bedrooms in one of Sydney’s suburbs.

If you are not looking forward to booking a hotel, bed and breakfast or hostel, then you may want to consider a serviced apartment in Sydney.

For people who don’t understand what a serviced apartment is, it’s a type of furnished apartment that’s available to rent for the business or leisure traveller. There are two types of serviced apartments: Long term stay and Short Term stay.

Short term apartments are for those staying for only a fortnight at the most.

Long term apartments are for those staying a month or more and long term renting can actually work out to be cheaper as you are staying for a reasonable length of time.

Iif you were just visiting Sydney for a week or two then you might end up paying more for the accommodation and not getting to experience it fully so it is always a good idea to check online, know your budget and length of stay and find out exactly what the leasing terms are before you commit, the booking process is a little bit more involved than a hotel.

But what are the benefits? Well, for one thing, you will get a lot more for your money when booking a serviced apartment. You get the full amenities of Cable television in all the apartments, your own kitchen with its own fridge and oven and everything you’d need to create your own meals, your own bedroom with your own bed, your own bathroom with shower and bath and toilet and your own living room with comfortable furniture and plasma television. These apartments have seen a rise in popularity due to the cheap travel boom and are perfect for a short stay, much better than a hotel. A hotel is only one room where a fully serviced apartment is several rooms, a house if you will, for the equivalent price.

Sydney’s downtown is the most popular destination with tourists and many look for short term stay serviced apartments here for the location. People renting a fully serviced apartment here will find it perfect if they want to be right in the middle of Sydney’s business but the apartment itself probably won’t be spacious due to the premium space and will have only one or two bedrooms at most so if you have a large family, you will probably need to consider something more out of the centre of Sydney.

There are many varied options to consider when looking at and booking a serviced apartment in Sydney, but there are two things that are probably going through your mind and they are budget and location. You don’t want to be far from the beach if you plan to visit there every day and you equally don’t want to be right next to the beach if you can’t stand the ocean. It’s very easy these days to look around online and actually view the apartments before you make a decision and put down a security deposit.

Things you might consider are the style of apartment you are renting. You might be into vintage decoration and you wouldn’t want to be staying in a modern furnished apartment that has all the full modern amenities that are common today. The benefits of renting a serviced apartment in Sydney are numerous and much more cost effective than booking a hotel.

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