7 Mind Blowing Facts about Launceston

Located in Tasmania, the island just off the south east coast of Australia, Launceston has long been vaunted as one of Australia’s most beautiful spots. Here are 7 mind blowing facts about Launceston.

1. Launceston still has its Victorian buildings

Launceston is famous for still having its prominent Victorian architecture which adds greatly to the beauty of the town and gives Launceston a special kind of character that isn’t seen in other parts of Australia. Indeed, there are many that believe that Launceston should be the capital of Tasmania rather than Hobart due to its wonderful architecture and historical buildings. Some examples of the fantastic late nineteenth/early twentieth century designs are Holyman House and Lucks Corner in the Central Business District, the former Launceston General Hospital and the former Star Theatre.

2. Launceston was the first to get sewers in Australia

Although it was the third city in the world to be served by underground sewers, Launceston can lay claim to being the first city in Australia to have them installed. The other two cities were Paris and London. Launceston is indeed a city of firsts in Australia, whether this was the mainland government’s way of using Tasmania and Launceston as proverbial Guinea Pigs for testing out new fangled and crazy ideas, we may never know. Launceston’s sewer system was finished in 1860, and has been in use ever since.

3. Launceston is a pioneer of the early Australian Railways.

The first railway on Tasmania was opened between Launceston and the town of Deloraine. As said before, the remarkable fact that Launceston was the site of a great number of firsts puts this town in the upper echelons of the history books. The first crossing of the bass strait was made from Launceston, that’s something to think about when leaving Launceston flying to Sydney.

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Everything You Should Know About The Alice

Alice Springs, or “The Alice” as it’s more popularly known among Australians, is a settlement that is the third largest in the Australian state of the Northern Territory. It’s positioned in the centre of Australia at the southern end of the state. The town of Alice Springs straddles the Todd river, which is usually dry, due to the climate and extreme temperatures that never seem to cease in this part of Australia.

The surrounding area is known as the “Red Desert” or, more simply, Central Australia. Several deserts converge in the region to create a hot, arid environment that is harsh during the seasons with temperatures varying between extremely hot and extremely cold. That is, extremely hot in the day and extremely cold at night. Now, if you’re not a heat loving person, it might be better to stay away from Alice Springs in the harbour city of Sydney for example, but if you do then you’re missing out on seeing some of the most spectacular landscape scenes in Australia.


History of Alice Springs

Alice Springs was founded by Europeans in the 1870s but the original inhabitants of the area, the Arrernte, know the area as “Mparntwe”. You’ll have to find out how to pronounce that correctly. They have lived in the area for thousands of years and today even some of the Arrernte descendants still live there to this day and continue to proudly represent their people’s rich cultural heritage. When the Europeans settled there the first few decades, Alice Springs was a typical “Wild West” kind of town, isolated and nobody really went there except if they absolutely had to. Indeed, only 500 people lived in the town in its formative years.

This all changed though when World War Two rolled around. Suddenly the Alice was very popular, especially with the Australian military, which completely took over the town and made it their base for staging operations into the Pacific. Suddenly, Alice Springs became the focal point of much of the Allies military brass, at the height of the War, no fewer than eight thousand troops were stationed in Alice Springs. Thousands more were visiting this once backwater town, including United States General MacArthur.

After the war ended, the US military remained in Alice Springs and the town grew when the Pine Gap installation was founded in the 1970s, Pine Gap is a joint operation between the United States and Australian governments and today, half of the Alice’s population are United States citizens. Americanization has of course creeped into most of Western culture but where there’s a big population of Americans, there’s a big injection of the culture, for example there’s a massive fireworks display and other celebrations in Alice on the Fourth of July, which is the USA’s Independence day.

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Where Do You Find Cheap Flights to Sydney from London?

Flights window view of Sydney Botany Bay.

Looking forward to arriving in Sydney after a long flight from London.

Many airlines offer flights from London to Sydney, including British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia. These flights take about 23 hours on average and can include a stopover in Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok or Hong Kong. Most flights from London to Sydney will begin at either London Heathrow or Gatwick Airport in West Sussex and disembark at Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith Airport, which is frequently known simply as Sydney Airport.

Sydney is a sparkling world-class city that attracts travellers from around the globe. It is known for its expansive beaches, thrilling surf, iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House, exotic Taronga Zoo, diverse cultural attractions and exciting venues. Sydney Airport is a major travel hub that offers and welcomes flights to and from all major Australian cities and numerous international cities including London.

Round-trip airfare London to Sydney can be found for as little as $1,520 AU. Business class tickets tend to include faster queues for checking in, more luggage allowances, priority luggage benefits, priority boarding and disembarking, more spacious or more comfortable seating, more or better in-flight services and higher frequent flyer rewards. Business class fares begin at $3,200 AU. Holiday deals are also available. Holiday deals include not just airfare but also accommodations for a specific period. Seven-day deals start at just $,1285 AU.

Prices can vary significantly depending on when you fly, and they can be adjusted or withdrawn without notice, which means that buying that great one-time deal when you first see it may be your best option for getting the fares you want. Some tickets may contain seasonal surcharges or other surcharges, so it is good to read the fine print and explore all your options before clicking the “buy now” button. Some airlines may add additional fees based on your payment method as well, so explore your options to be sure that you are getting the best price.

Finding a great price on the ticket you want can be a big job. You may find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of ticket aggregators and airline websites as you plug in a variety of travel dates, times and other details. While there is no easy shortcut to affordable airfare, there are some ways you can shave a bit off your airfare without having to spend countless hours searching online or over the phone.

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What do You Get When Booking a Serviced Apartment in Sydney

Ultimo serviced apartment living room

Serviced apartments in Sydney are becoming more and more popular. When they are fitted out like this, no wonder.

As the summer approaches it’s probably fair to say the time of the hotel dominating the accommodation market is coming to an end. These days, travelers prefer to book something that’s a little more to their taste and that is where a serviced apartment comes in. Sydney, Australia is leading the world in this type of accommodation and there are various apartments and homes ranging from a small one bedroom affair in the Downtown Sydney area to a spacious house with up to four bedrooms in one of Sydney’s suburbs.

If you are not looking forward to booking a hotel, bed and breakfast or hostel, then you may want to consider a serviced apartment in Sydney.

For people who don’t understand what a serviced apartment is, it’s a type of furnished apartment that’s available to rent for the business or leisure traveller. There are two types of serviced apartments: Long term stay and Short Term stay.

Short term apartments are for those staying for only a fortnight at the most.

Long term apartments are for those staying a month or more and long term renting can actually work out to be cheaper as you are staying for a reasonable length of time.

Iif you were just visiting Sydney for a week or two then you might end up paying more for the accommodation and not getting to experience it fully so it is always a good idea to check online, know your budget and length of stay and find out exactly what the leasing terms are before you commit, the booking process is a little bit more involved than a hotel.

But what are the benefits? Well, for one thing, you will get a lot more for your money when booking a serviced apartment. You get the full amenities of Cable television in all the apartments, your own kitchen with its own fridge and oven and everything you’d need to create your own meals, your own bedroom with your own bed, your own bathroom with shower and bath and toilet and your own living room with comfortable furniture and plasma television. These apartments have seen a rise in popularity due to the cheap travel boom and are perfect for a short stay, much better than a hotel. A hotel is only one room where a fully serviced apartment is several rooms, a house if you will, for the equivalent price.

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Does Melbourne, Australia Have It All?

street sign in Melbourne

Melbourne has so much to offer in terms of accommodation and good food and coffee.

As with many cities around the world, Melbourne in Australia is fascinating. What is so fascinating about it? Well, you could ask that question about any of the major cities in the world such as New York in the United States, London in the United Kingdom, Paris in France, Madrid in Spain or Milan in Italy. Writers and analysts have written about these cities in attempts to discover what draws people to these cities, why they are major cities and indeed, why they are held in such a high regard by people.

In fact, these writers and analysts and cultural experts may all be missing an important factor in their search for what makes a city so special. Forget the architecture, forget the restaurants and bars and forget the parks and beaches, the thing that may be most important about a city is the people.

Without people, a city is just a dilapidated ghost town. Without the citizens there is nobody there to make sure the parks green grass and plant life is taken care of, nobody to fix the crumbling masonry of a once proud building, nobody to bake the fresh bread that keeps a population alive. Without people, a city is simply not a city. The same can be said for Melbourne, if Melbourne had nobody there, it simply wouldn’t be Melbourne. Further reading and more detailed information can be found on travel websites such as VisitMelbourne.com or http://melbourneflightsaccommodation.com.au/.

There’d be no Queen Victoria Market that attracts so many visitors, both domestic and international, each year. There’d be no Luna Park with its 103 year old rollercoaster, the Scenic Railway, which has been continually operating since it was built in 1911, making it the oldest rollercoaster in continuous operation in the world. Melbourne was founded on the large natural bay of Port Phillip, named after Royal Navy Captain and later Inaugural Governor of New South Wales Arthur Phillip, who founded the first Australian settlement Sydney.

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Melbourne CBD and Yarra River

What Travel Information do You Need for Australia?

Melbourne CBD and Yarra River

Melbourne, one of the many capital cities in Australia.

When visiting any country, the best thing to do is read up all about the customs and culture of that country and Australia is no exception. Australia’s international reputation is undeniably one of distinction and the inhabitants of Australia are known as diligent and gracious to any visitor to their country, provided you respect the rules.
Going to Australia, you must have respect for the land and the people.

The History of Australia goes back well before the British settled Sydney. The indigenous people, collectively known as Aboriginals, who have inhabited Australia for thousands of years, have ancient traditions and customs that show they respect Australia’s land. These people have seen many changes to Australia over the years since the Europeans settled there in the 18th century. They’ve seen the cities thrive with advancements in technology and many immigrants, particularly from the United Kingdom and Malaysia, make Australia their home. Australia gets a bad reputation as a sparsely populated cultural wasteland, these are from people who’ve never been there and think Australia is only about Fosters Lager, Kangaroos, Koala Bears, soap operas about Neighbours and Summer Bay and Crocodile Dundee. They’re totally wrong as anyone who’s actually made the trip down under will tell you. Australia is so much more than what it exports in the way of entertainment. Australia is an experience that can be had nowhere else.

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